Arguably, The Simms was the forerunner of Second Life. There have been many people who have become addicted to this game and spent hours a day playing it. I think the main difference is when people play this, they tend to be more detached from the character they are playing, and in Second Life some people play it to the extent where they think they ARE the person in the game.

However, there are many similarities; one of note is the fact that people can construct their own items and more importantly, houses. The Simms has much more of a family appeal to it as you can get married and have children, so naturally you will want a nice place for them all to live. Again, this is where a designer can step in and create properties that are so elaborate; people are willing to spend real money buying them. The currency within The Simms is known as Simoleans.


One thing to bear in mind, whereas in Second Life, it is almost encouraged to make money playing the game, with The Simms, making real money wasn’t something the developers of the game intended. This also applies to other games such as World of Warcraft, Ultima Online and other RPGs which I’ll detail later.


Although some software houses will turn a blind eye to people making money from their games, they also don’t exactly promote it. Most of the items sold from these games such as houses are normally sold on Ebay but on occasions, Ebay will have a sweep and remove the items on sale. However, there are now many sites devoted to selling items for various games. One such site is kizi games