Prize Wheel Mini Game

The daily trivia is an addition to Pawn Stars: The Game.

It is a mini game where you have a multiple choice question every 8 hours, if you get the answer right, you will be able to use the Prize Wheel to earn cool prizes. You can either spin the prize wheel by answering the trivia correctly (please go to Trivia questions & answer sections) or pay 3 candies (Don’t waste your candies). It should be noted that if you use 2 candies to answer the trivia question, you can effectively save candies while still getting a spin.

The prize wheel rewards breakdown:

i) Candies, 1, 5, or 100
ii)Money, $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 or $1,000,000
iii)Prestige (or experience to level up), 50 or 100
iv) Restoration parts, including 1,000 spare parts, 100 elbow grease, and quanties of 10 and 40 flairs.
v) A level up for your shop
vi) A random item
vii) An increase in a level of Knowledge for a friv random item
viii) Special boosts of Shop promotions in 1 or 3 days: Double Customer Flow, Double Max Customers, Double Prestige Gained, or a High Roller customer.
ix) A high roller item.